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Reach you customers by selling online or by launching your very own e-commerce store – welcome design with secure online shopping, an e-commerce check-out & cart system, store inventory for all your products or solutions and a good support system from our team to help you thrive online.

We develop and design e-commerce stores to manage and market products in your online shops. Whether an individual or business selling products or subscription services, your e-commerce online store will enable to acquire leads, sell online, learn more about your customer and products.

This Package includes

  1. Straightforwardly update-able online storefor your products & solutions. We offer monthly inventory management for online store owners.
  2. Create sign-ups and user-accountsfor your online store visitors.
  3. Multiple payment gateway integrationsuch as VISA, PayPal, MasterCard and mobile money via vendors ssuch as PayPal and KOPO KOPO. These include – MPESA (‘Paybill’ & ‘Lipa Na MPESA’), Airtel Money, Telkom & MasterPass
  4. Stay helpful and human to your clients with Live chatmessaging & automation (Chat & WhatsApp) for you and your team
  5. Measure online traffic & conversion-rateof your e-commerce store and different products. Learn what’s a hit or miss in your e-commerce store.
  6. Attract more customers by optimizing your products & services, offering discounted store prices for better online sales.
  7. PricingTables & Boxes for your store products in Kshs.
  8. Availability of Product reviews and ratings
  9. Well- optimized inventory(store items) to help you get noticed by users on search engines such as Google.