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Website Design

Our Web Design Package Includes

Step 1: Unveil

Every site has unique needs, twists, and preferences. We, therefore, begin the process by keenly listening to the client, jotting down notes on the needed site, and engaging the client to unleash every inch of expectation.

Step 2: Design

Customer is King! Our designs flow from what the customer has in mind. We put your customers at the CORE of our design process.

Step 3: Engineer

Using best practice techniques we develop sites that are user friendly, functional and engaging. From desktop to mobile we develop across a range of platforms to optimize customer engagement and conversion rates.

Step 4: Launch

Final checks then LAUNCH. And time to crack open the bubbly!

Step 5: Evaluate & Improve

A successful site is an evolving site. We like to stay involved after launch to provide strategic input and help you achieve your full online potential.

Our web design service encompasses:

  1. Applying strategic and marketing insight to designs
  2. Customer focused design process
  3. Extensive planning and competitor analysis
  4. Full website designs
  5. Landing Pages
  6. Mobile websites
  7. Obsessive attention to detail
  8. Print/Downloadable collateral
  9. Results driven, accountable design workflow and processes

Website Development

Website is much more than producing an eye-catching and functional site. Every site must be able to pay for itself, bring out the uniqueness of the company, and addressing key and evolving marketing needs.

In this light, each and every one of our websites is:

  • Fast, efficient & accessible
  • Desktop, mobile, and tablet responsive
  • Meeting the client’s unique needs and wants

Even better our sites include:

  • Bespoke modules
  • PHP and MySQL development
  • Optimized HTML 5 & CSS 3
  • Ajax and JQuery
  • CMS development

Website Maintenance and Support

JibuWorld has a package for customers who require a formal arrangement to fulfil their web support and maintenance needs; ensuring that your online web investment is protected and that your web site(s) evolve to meet existing and future customer demands.

Whether you operate a simple single page website or a much complex site incorporating a number of business features such as e-commerce, content management system (CMS), blog, newsletter, etc., JibuWorld is able to assist and support you.

This package aids business owners maximize the potential of their online investment, helping them to make decisions concerning the effectiveness and future direction of their web presence. Together we are able to help our clients build, progress and achieve their Internet objectives.

You Need Regular Updating

Your website was a significant investment for your business, but has it remained a business asset or has it become an administrative burden? Only you and your customers really know the answer to that, but by keeping your website up to date with company information, news, product details or with promotions it makes your business look credible and helps to engage with your customers ensuring they visit you online time and again. JibuWorld offers so much more than a standard maintenance agreement, adding real business value for growing online enterprises. It is a fact that search engines such as Google rate websites with changing content more important than those that don't. This directly affects your ranking within Google and has an impact on how potential customers find your site. So having a team that can quickly and efficiently update your website as requested is a key point to keeping you visible to your customers.

JibuWorld’s Maintenance Package Monthly Subscriptions

  • Admin support for your website domains and email
  • Advice & support with internet marketing
  • Dedicated priority service with 2 hour response
  • Detailed monthly report
  • Direct access to our JibuWorld’s Maintenance team
  • General maintenance, content changes & development
  • Responsive telephone and email technical support
  • Support & setup of email and newsletter campaigns
  • Our proactive service adds business value for unused monthly time allocation. On our customer approval, this could be used for search engine optimization (SEO), social media updates, a business evaluation to ensure your web presence remains competitive in the market place, a Google analytics or keyword assessment, testing and error checking, page links, images, forms and browser/device compatibility or functional investigation and recommendations